I went to see ‘The Fluffer‘ last night after seeing Adam and agreeing to take some photo’s and a very pleasant if somewhat unnerving chat about blogging, community and if there was anyone I wouldn’t want to read this blog .
The film was very funny and company was good too. Spence and Glenn, Colin & Dave [nice taste in A&F clothing]. I found myself laughing all the way through the film which was good – welcome light relief really – I like films with humour and drama.
Finally to end the evening it was a dash over to Retro Bar to grab a fleeting kiss off Blogger A and then home.
Glenn and I decided at the tube station that suited and booted guys are kinda cute – I miss not working in an environment where men are in suits. I mean I am glad I don’t have to wear one but I do like to see other people in them!
So anyways the chat with Adam came back to me so I decided since I may blog about said guy it was a good enough excuse to randomly take his picture. [Okay I didn’t really need an excuse he was cute] and then I thought about Simon‘s entry about people being in other peoples photographs – this was a definite case of tottycam though – it wasn’t a random person in the background. He was the focus of the shot but Glenn was there to make it slightly less obvious.
When I got home took Jack out for a wander too and came back and went online as I wasn’t tired – funny how my work day was a nightmare but my evening was just as hectic but much more pleasant.