oh and the naked producer at work [Dan] knows me only too well – handing me the Enrique Promo single that has been on his desk for months saying ‘I didn’t throw it out cos I knew you would want it’
he wasn’t wrong. I am predictable.

Halifax’s Gay chatline

Building society Halifax are coming out hard in a bid to satisfy customers, says Metro. Yesterday, 15,000 savers received a mailshot inviting them to call for advice on pumping up their ISAs. Some of them called the number, and were surprised to hear banging disco music at the other end followed by a welcome to a gay one to one chat line!

click tax

imagine a world in which if you click here you are taxed?
sounds outlandish doesn’t it, almost like the tax on email idea that turned out to be urban legend. Unfortunately this time it’s no urban legend and a tax on hperlinks is exactly what BT wants as they believe they own patents relating to hyperlinks on the intertnet.
What worries me more is the fact that to tax you they would need to know how often you clicked a hyperlink – and presumably they would also know what hyperlink you clicked…
what happened to privacy?