world of my own

no not a comment on my saturday and sunday 😉
Don’t you just hate waking up to an annoyingly catchy song which you hate and then can’t get out of your head? 7.30 this morning boyzone/a1/westlife or whoever it is and world of my own [or whatever it’s called but it has world of my own in the chorus somewhere] and now I have been humming it in the shower at the train station – caught myself wittering world of my own a few times in the office gah!
Party update
there is now photographic evidence of the party 🙁 I’ll post them when I get a chance.
stories keep hitting the newsdesk – something about snogging competition winners etc etc
I’ll be putting a few quotes together but in the meantime you can leave your own reminders/stories on the comments – I still reserve the right to edit them though 😉
oh and my mobile is broken so I have no ones numbers anymore 🙁

search round up

by far the most disturbing is how to fuck a virgin without pain. I don’t know any virgins so quite why I am second billing for this is beyond me – oh and the fact I have never written a guide about it either…
nude pics fo my friend changing is positively tame by comparison.
and as for nude abn amro I’m not sure if they mean the bank or a worker – Steve coincidentally does work for them – and judging by the party events would not be adverse to nudity 😉
oh and I seem to have newly been indexed on freeserve