so you work somewhere for a few years and then you get a nice desk you sort yourself out and stuff and then you get moved to a pants desk which is by the door and everyone who walks in will be looking at my screen and I’m never gonna manage to have private IM conversations again and I hate it – I don’t like change at the best of times but moving desks is traumatic enough to throw me into a very violent mood swing.
this I have decided is a reflection of how our office works. I am not valued in the office and therefore have no say in proceedings – I do not manage staff [not that I couldn’t just that I opted not to, I had managed staff all my working life practically and I wanted a change]. However in our work culture unless you manage people you are not important.
I also am not part of the process of the main function of the department. So as such although everyone would be quite happy to come to me with problems which need a solution they are unlikely to thank me when they have meetings to congratulate themselves. [who am I kidding – unlikely? in the year they have been having these meetings I’ve been mentioned once and only cos I kicked and screamed and pouted]
So yes violent mood swings aside I am feeling a little pissed off by the shrug of the shoulders attitude to what I would like.
It took me a year to convince them it was pointless to employ a trainer if I couldn’t train anyone because they had no room for me to train in.
Now I am moving to the opposite side of the floor from the room so everytime i forget a manual or a pen or anything i will beans…

flashback time

one of the advantages of my PowerPC G4 is that it comes with iTunes and has a 20Gb hard drive so my 2130 songs or around 7 days of music fit comfortably.
The other advantage is the randomising feature on the playlist – so I can listen to stuff I haven’t heard in quite literally years. The Promise – When in Rome was a classic from the 1980’s which I played incessantly way back when. So I’m curtrently wandering down memory lane with music from my youth whilst working on the most mundane project in the world 🙂

HaXoR ChAt iS KewL

The below transcript is true only the names have been changed [mine noticeably] to protect the innocent – on the other hand if you wanna IM HR CL Direct and warn them a few times feel free 🙂
I knew it was a hAxOr type person and was bored so played with there head and tried to transfer a few files etc etc..

HR CL Direct: Human Resources Center – Please review the new announcements.
SCREEN NAME: what new announcements?
HR CL Direct: have you reviewed them yet so i can go over them with you?
SCREEN NAME: yeah obviously
HR CL Direct: okay whats the title of the announcement
SCREEN NAME: you are funny
SCREEN NAME: what floor you on?
HR CL Direct: fine i will deactivate your account
SCREEN NAME: like erm I’m scared
HR CL Direct: you can call the helpdesk or speak
HR CL Direct: with your supervisor
SCREEN NAME: help desk?
SCREEN NAME: supervisor?
HR CL Direct: to go over ignored HR announcements
SCREEN NAME: i don’t have a supervisor
HR CL Direct: Title: Tech Manager Department: Internal Computing
HR CL Direct: Cell Phone: 555-444-6613
HR CL Direct: Floor: 1 Room/Pod: Will update
HR CL Direct: Building Address: Building 25
SCREEN NAME: right which is I guess in the US right?
HR CL Direct: yup
SCREEN NAME: which helps considering I don’t live or work in the US
HR CL Direct: and
HR CL Direct: Title: Executive Director Department: VP Internal Audit
SCREEN NAME: who do you work for
HR CL Direct: it doesn’t matter you are ignoring human resources announcement
SCREEN NAME: and more importantly who do you think I work for?
HR CL Direct: you will lose your account
HR CL Direct: you must review the announcement.
SCREEN NAME: how can I lose my aim account cos I ignore this
HR CL Direct: or i will have to disable your aol account, you can speak with the desk
SCREEN NAME: i don’t have an aol account i have an aim account
HR CL Direct: you have to review the announcement, it takes 2 minutes what is the problem?
HR CL Direct: i know that
SCREEN NAME: the problem is i don’t work for you
HR CL Direct: fine we will suspend you
HR CL Direct: enjoy.
SCREEN NAME: doh you did not know that or you would not have *threatened* to deactivate my aol account now would you
HR CL Direct: no our aim administrators will suspend your account
HR CL Direct: so it can never be used again
HR CL Direct: for not following directions
HR CL Direct: enjoy.
SCREEN NAME: like erm how
SCREEN NAME: let me see then you reckon you can deactivate my aim account eh?
SCREEN NAME: how about we play a little game eh?
SCREEN NAME: you try and I’ll erm wait or something
SCREEN NAME: still waiting
SCREEN NAME: no really still waitin
SCREEN NAME: so you get bored yet then?