so you work somewhere for a few years and then you get a nice desk you sort yourself out and stuff and then you get moved to a pants desk which is by the door and everyone who walks in will be looking at my screen and I’m never gonna manage to have private IM conversations again and I hate it – I don’t like change at the best of times but moving desks is traumatic enough to throw me into a very violent mood swing.
this I have decided is a reflection of how our office works. I am not valued in the office and therefore have no say in proceedings – I do not manage staff [not that I couldn’t just that I opted not to, I had managed staff all my working life practically and I wanted a change]. However in our work culture unless you manage people you are not important.
I also am not part of the process of the main function of the department. So as such although everyone would be quite happy to come to me with problems which need a solution they are unlikely to thank me when they have meetings to congratulate themselves. [who am I kidding – unlikely? in the year they have been having these meetings I’ve been mentioned once and only cos I kicked and screamed and pouted]
So yes violent mood swings aside I am feeling a little pissed off by the shrug of the shoulders attitude to what I would like.
It took me a year to convince them it was pointless to employ a trainer if I couldn’t train anyone because they had no room for me to train in.
Now I am moving to the opposite side of the floor from the room so everytime i forget a manual or a pen or anything i will beans…