The below transcript is true only the names have been changed [mine noticeably] to protect the innocent – on the other hand if you wanna IM HR CL Direct and warn them a few times feel free 🙂
I knew it was a hAxOr type person and was bored so played with there head and tried to transfer a few files etc etc..

HR CL Direct: Human Resources Center – Please review the new announcements.
SCREEN NAME: what new announcements?
HR CL Direct: have you reviewed them yet so i can go over them with you?
SCREEN NAME: yeah obviously
HR CL Direct: okay whats the title of the announcement
SCREEN NAME: you are funny
SCREEN NAME: what floor you on?
HR CL Direct: fine i will deactivate your account
SCREEN NAME: like erm I’m scared
HR CL Direct: you can call the helpdesk or speak
HR CL Direct: with your supervisor
SCREEN NAME: help desk?
SCREEN NAME: supervisor?
HR CL Direct: to go over ignored HR announcements
SCREEN NAME: i don’t have a supervisor
HR CL Direct: Title: Tech Manager Department: Internal Computing
HR CL Direct: Cell Phone: 555-444-6613
HR CL Direct: Floor: 1 Room/Pod: Will update
HR CL Direct: Building Address: Building 25
SCREEN NAME: right which is I guess in the US right?
HR CL Direct: yup
SCREEN NAME: which helps considering I don’t live or work in the US
HR CL Direct: and
HR CL Direct: Title: Executive Director Department: VP Internal Audit
SCREEN NAME: who do you work for
HR CL Direct: it doesn’t matter you are ignoring human resources announcement
SCREEN NAME: and more importantly who do you think I work for?
HR CL Direct: you will lose your account
HR CL Direct: you must review the announcement.
SCREEN NAME: how can I lose my aim account cos I ignore this
HR CL Direct: or i will have to disable your aol account, you can speak with the desk
SCREEN NAME: i don’t have an aol account i have an aim account
HR CL Direct: you have to review the announcement, it takes 2 minutes what is the problem?
HR CL Direct: i know that
SCREEN NAME: the problem is i don’t work for you
HR CL Direct: fine we will suspend you
HR CL Direct: enjoy.
SCREEN NAME: doh you did not know that or you would not have *threatened* to deactivate my aol account now would you
HR CL Direct: no our aim administrators will suspend your account
HR CL Direct: so it can never be used again
HR CL Direct: for not following directions
HR CL Direct: enjoy.
SCREEN NAME: like erm how
SCREEN NAME: let me see then you reckon you can deactivate my aim account eh?
SCREEN NAME: how about we play a little game eh?
SCREEN NAME: you try and I’ll erm wait or something
SCREEN NAME: still waiting
SCREEN NAME: no really still waitin
SCREEN NAME: so you get bored yet then?