went to see closer to heaven tonight. I had read some bad reviews but as I wasn’t paying for the tickets I went along with an open mind. Pippa accompanied me and we both started off with a glass of wine [I know but it was only one glass] before moving onto mineral waters.
We loitered outside the theatre as it was a lovely summer evening and eyed up the totty. Pippa looked like she had less potential than me [funny that being a Pet Shop Boys/Jonathan Harvey production]. I was using the straight boy look to best effect hanging on her every word whilst subtly eyeing up the lads. Unfortunately just as I was making progress with the tall blonde hunk the bell rang for us to enter the theatre.
From the opening with ‘My Night’ the stage was a sea of flesh. A lot of it was Marcos White who seemed strangely familiar and now having read the brochure it’s hardly surprising as he has been in virtually every music video made. Although I have a sneaking suspicion he frequents a bar I visit. Or is that just wishful thinking?

Fantastic performances from Paul Keating [Straight Dave] and Tom Walker [Mile End Lee] but Frances Barber steals the show as Billie Tricks. It will not be Frances that I dream about tonight though. The scene with Tom and Paul having sex would be worth the ticket price alone 😉
I really enjoyed it especially the Shameless number which had excellent parodies of the Beckhams and Anthea Turner, although I was expecting more out of the final song. Positive Role Model just didn’t do it for me I’m afraid.
Pippa and I went to the BOX for a quick drink afterwards and discussed our thoughts but eventually broached the subject of the sex scene and how both Tom and Paul took all their clothes off [throwing their pants on the floor]. I pondered how embarrassed they would be getting a stiffy [I’m presuming they are both straight] but as Pip pointed out they have been doing it for a few weeks now [plus rehearsals] and so any tension should have subsided. I must say though I would have liked to be in the middle for all of those weeks [and the ones to come!]
go see it