Whilst looking at Barbelith earlier

Whilst looking at Barbelith earlier in the day I came across Brian versus Josh in the Big Brother house. I have been watching this interplay with interest and was amused to see I was not the only one to have formed the opinion.
Brian has fallen into the role of holier than thou with his quotes about not having sex etc etc possibly in an attempt to allay heterosexual fears of gayness.
I mean let’s face it – whenever a heterosexual hears the word ‘gay man’ they immediately visualise buggery. So by removing that image by being virtually asexual, he is in my opinion trying to make himself look better in the eyes of heterosexuals. Also I think he is very threatened by Josh being an ‘A’ Gay – up until now in the house the gay jester role has been Brian’s. Josh is not competing for jester though and Brian is fully aware of it. The girls fancy Josh and see him as a potential sexy friend to be seen out with on the town making the other girls envious yet without any commitment on there part. The straight guys have accepted Josh in much the same way. He is let’s face it an easy going guy. I’ll wait to see if the ‘Hamster Principal’ turns out to be true.