It was the Crusaid Walk

It was the Crusaid Walk for Life yesterday and I walked with the team organised by AOL and had a really good day. The route was a little wierd – sending 5,000+ people down back alleys and underpasses was not especially well thought out but It was all for a good cause. Had lots of fun and made a few pit stops along the way and bumped into a few people I haven’t seen since last time – or various other yearly events like Pride and Mardi Gras.
Spence came around afterwards and we caught up as I haven’t seen him in ages and then I headed off out to Clapham for dinner with Nic & Vianney, Andrew&Andy then off to the 2 brewers where the four of them decided to end my singledom. It was not the best night for doing so however and the only bloke worth interest was with someone else :o(