okay well I have been

okay well I have been listening to Please this morning and it has been bringing back so many memories from my youth 🙂 I’ve just put on the 2nd disc -further listening 1984-1986 and am really enjoying it. I must admit that although this is now the 3rd time I have bought this album. Originally in March 1986 I bought it on cassette and in February 1988 I bought it again on compact disc as I had been bought a player for my 18th birthday. The cassette was very worn by this point anyway and I had duplicated it for fear of having to purchase it again. It had never been out of my walkman for more than 24 hours. I am currently importing it into the already huge [8.03 Gb] music folder on my G4 so that I can take the CD’s home with me for the weekend.