Java Toaster eh? My mum

Java Toaster eh? My mum used to have an old fashioned manual toaster [well grill actually with some bread templates you press into the bread before popping under the grill. So we could have ‘GOOD MORNING’ toast or ‘HAE A NICE DAY’ toast. This lasted about a month before the novelty wore off. Around the same time my brother and I had been fueding over who had the blue plastic tupperware® bowl. In fact we were getting up earlier and earlier each day until my mum decided enough was enough and hid it. This particular feud lasted nearly a year before it escalated out of control. Others carried on simmering away for years. Kids eh?

I’m not sure about the

I’m not sure about the new lavender look and feel – I used this colour scheme a year ago – in fact 18 months I think for a friends site and decided to repurpose it. Very undecided and may go back to the good old white and grey 😉
Spent most of the weekend watching Big Brother and Big Brothers Little Brother – Dermot O’ Leary you sex god you 😉
Quote of the week from Dawson’s Creek Was from Pacey’When you like somebody proximity is a good thing’ I have to add ‘or not as the case may be’ as sometimes from my experience it isn’t always good 😉
I also just realised that Young Americans was effectively a spin off from Dawson’s – Will from YA was visiting Pacey this episode.
Conclusion: I watched way too much TV this weekend.