went to see closer to

went to see closer to heaven tonight. I had read some bad reviews but as I wasn’t paying for the tickets I went along with an open mind. Pippa accompanied me and we both started off with a glass of wine [I know but it was only one glass] before moving onto mineral waters.
We loitered outside the theatre as it was a lovely summer evening and eyed up the totty. Pippa looked like she had less potential than me [funny that being a Pet Shop Boys/Jonathan Harvey production]. I was using the straight boy look to best effect hanging on her every word whilst subtly eyeing up the lads. Unfortunately just as I was making progress with the tall blonde hunk the bell rang for us to enter the theatre.
From the opening with ‘My Night’ the stage was a sea of flesh. A lot of it was Marcos White who seemed strangely familiar and now having read the brochure it’s hardly surprising as he has been in virtually every music video made. Although I have a sneaking suspicion he frequents a bar I visit. Or is that just wishful thinking?

Fantastic performances from Paul Keating [Straight Dave] and Tom Walker [Mile End Lee] but Frances Barber steals the show as Billie Tricks. It will not be Frances that I dream about tonight though. The scene with Tom and Paul having sex would be worth the ticket price alone 😉
I really enjoyed it especially the Shameless number which had excellent parodies of the Beckhams and Anthea Turner, although I was expecting more out of the final song. Positive Role Model just didn’t do it for me I’m afraid.
Pippa and I went to the BOX for a quick drink afterwards and discussed our thoughts but eventually broached the subject of the sex scene and how both Tom and Paul took all their clothes off [throwing their pants on the floor]. I pondered how embarrassed they would be getting a stiffy [I’m presuming they are both straight] but as Pip pointed out they have been doing it for a few weeks now [plus rehearsals] and so any tension should have subsided. I must say though I would have liked to be in the middle for all of those weeks [and the ones to come!]
go see it

Well after many years of

Well after many years of not being especially organised for Mardi Gras but always doing the same thing we have decided to organise what we normally do – make any sense? No probably not. Well you see every year we meet up at the City of Quebec and then do most of the march but get strangely distracted along Whitehall and end up going to Retro Bar for some beers and then when the crowds have subsided a bit making our way to the venue for the party.
This year will be no different – just we have actually made this our plan. We are meeting at 11am at the CofQ and then meeting later at the Retro Bar. Those going onto the party will get a tube later. Simple innit?