go on then I know I said I wouldn’t but I just couldn’t help myself. I thought what the hell I’m going to join in. everyone else has done it. why not me?
Here are ten things about me. Nine of them are true, and one isn’t. They are taken from all 4 of my lives so even those who know me well may not know. Jacs is probably the exception to that.

  • I was paid to take my clothes off in a london nightclub
  • I worked on harley street selling cosmetic surgery
  • I was interviewed on Watchdog
  • I worked for Danny la Rue
  • I have an invisible bardcode tattoo visible only under UV light
  • I met Madonna at an after show party
  • I grew up in a house with 10 bedrooms
  • I was interviewed on The Cook Report
  • I have 32 aunts and uncles
  • I was born the exact weight of a bag of sugar [2.2lb]

Have a guess and I’ll let you know if you’re right.