lovely sunny day in London today and so got on the roof and caught some rays. It’s really nice on the roof and not overlooked so did a bit of work on the all over tan :o)
joined spence at sports and shorts at the stag. I went around to his earlier in the day to pick an outfit [not owning any footy gear of my own]. It was a really nice night actually. A little wierd but probably because I felt very out of place wearing football colours. I mean I was not out of place at all there were at least a hundred guys there all in football colours or sportswear I just felt out of place.
Met a nice bunch of people and also Andrew who was very nice [a nurse and doing a degree in computing which seemed an unlikely combination]. He certainly made an impression when he tried to get me to take my tracky bottoms off at the start of the evening. By the time 11.30 came around I had decided to make a move as I was still feeling a little nervy [first time at an event like that really] so started to make a move and lo an behold but so does Andrew [make a move that is] and what a move it was too. Nice snog but way too late in my game. I was all for the extra time but had to run to catch the last train home. So maybe next time eh? I’ll head on over to sas and see if there are any pics of said man and share 😉
Also during the evening was a very scary mud wrestling event which ended in one poor contestant having no shorts left as they had been ripped in half.
Reminded me of the good old days working at the bridge in putney actually, when we had stupid events and an amateur strip night too. I say good old days but you just know I am using rose tinted glasses! Met a couple of the guys from there as well tonight which brought some memories flooding back! So off to bed to dream of what might have happened if I hadn’t bottled it and decided to stay for the extra time.