I can’t stand the heat so I’m staying out of the source code!
no really – a conversation today with meg today about needing to expand on the whole blogger a b etc etc and how I should at least be decent enough to put comments in the source code started me thinking.
well it didn’t actually as we all know I think very little – actions speak louder than thoughts is my motto – anyways to cut to the chase… I ahem viewed source on some well known weblogs and was *shocked* [actually I wasn’t I knew there must be some priority in that link list 😉 I only said I was shocked for drama value]
now would probably be a good time for me to advocate David’s new campaign…

and yes I will copy the image onto my server in the morning – it just seemed like hard work tonight after mark’s party at the retro bar! Oh and how do I always end up chatting to people and stuff and then finding out they aren’t even 21 yet – what is up with this picture?

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