no really I do;

Colleague A: Should my Mailbox flag always show I have unread mail?
Colleague B: Have you read or opened all your mail?
Colleague A: well not sure if i’ve opened them before or not
Colleague A: if i had would it not appear then?
Colleague B: shouldn’t do
Colleague B: you can tell by the icon next to the mail [if it’s unread or new]
Colleague A: well i often open them and then save as new
Colleague B: which means the mail flag says you have unread mail

Doh! I mean come on I know it’s friday morning and all.

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  1. Customer: “I stuck something in my printer, and now it doesn’t work.”
    Tech Support: “What did you put in it?”
    Customer: “It’s a tortilla.”
    Tech Support: “Uh. How did you come to have a tortilla stuck in your printer?”
    Customer: “I own a tortilla business. I thought it would be cool to print my logo on a tortilla.”

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