Friday was one of those days where I thought I had gotten away without a fuss for my borthday by having training scheduled all day. I was still caught though around 5 with a birthday cake and card – sugar overdose wasn’t in it 🙂
I got home and then Andrew came around to help me celebrate so we did with a bottle of wine which was nice but left me very hungover on Saturday.
I still managed some DIY though and replaced 2 lights and put up 3 shelves so not exactly the worst day.
That evening though was the AOL Volunteers Bash. So lots of people I haven’t seen for ages and a few I work with too. Thanks to scally I was dragged up twice once to the stage for birthday wishes. I’ll get him back I’m just not sure how yet.
More alcohol than I should possibly have consumed later Rob and I decided to head off to Reflex in Kingston. He crashed at mine and this morning my head hurt lots. By 3ish I was supposed to have been at Jacs for Sunday lunch so took Rob to the station and headed off. Lovely Lunch with old friends from University so lots of reminiscing and drinking. A couple of classic quotes which I can’t share 🙂
So all in all a really nice weekend to turn 32.

adendum on monday
I felt even worse this morning – I think the lamb [which had a peculiar smell yesterday when we ate it] was a bit bad as I am very unwell today 🙁
No work for me 🙁