you know I started my blog because I had the domain and was playing around to learn html and then I discovered ‘[via notsosoft]’ mainly because I work with Meg and you know we chat and stuff. Not because I was surfing and looking. It looked cool and I thought hey I have server space I have time on my hands and I have an opinion on stuff. So hey why not.
Now I knew I was never going to be as prosaic as Meg. Mainly because I have never had a flair for expression – no artist is hiding in me desperate to get out. I think painting one wall in my otherwise white lounge is creative I tell you.
So I never thought of it as a competition. I did however write for an audience in the start. Blogging after all is vanity publishing whatever anyone tells you – or it would simply be written ina diary. I do have another blog that acts as my diary. The dark secrets I brood about and the things I think I will somehow become better if I write them down. You know making me think about them properly and collect my thoughts.
World in Motion is none of that though it’s about me what I do and links to other stuff which I like. Yes I know to some that is boring and hey a little repetitive but then hey I never asked you to read it. There are plenty of other sites out there with people paid to write excellent content so I never claimed to offer that. There are plenty of other blogs that are better designed with much more insightful commentary on life than I ever will.
Ian for instance writes brilliantly and has a huge array of reference from the UK press.
Having said all that though there is a debate at the moment about whether the internet has become stale that there is little that’s original. That many sites are simply recycled, plagiarised, stolen, revisited, reworked, repackaged versions of other sites we have seen before. Well I think maybe then we should look harder.
I am constantly amazed when I travel abroad and am on trains or driving by how many houses there are and wonder who lives in them. The internet is the same – geocities, AOL hometown, blogspot etc etc have made the web more accessible and so each one of these sites with it many thousands and possibly millions of sites and pages has a potential to suprise. Yes I agree there is a lot of repetition. Yes I agree there is a lot of repetition. Sometimes though that’s a good thing – I may never stumble over a decent site if it hasn’t been linked to by 800 other smaller sites.
Yes a lot of blogs are just about peoples lives – but look at the growth in reality TV. Big Brother, The Villa, Temptation Island and the like are all just peoples lives too the difference being they have been televised.
and anyway beans [via blogadoon].