I like Earlsfield – I especially like visiting now Jacs has moved there. It’s a nice area and so yesterday on my way for dinner I popped into a few Estate Agents along the way and sussed out the prices of a few places. Not quite as unaffoirdable as I thought three years ago. Still a tad poricey though I think when it’s just me buying it. Still if we don’t have dreams.
Courgettes – that’s the main staple at Jacs and Helen’s recently by all accounts. Urban vegetable subsistence gardening it isn’t but food straight out your garden is great. Unfortunately it’s feast or famine with the blighters. Andrew and I used to have the same problem with swiss chard, tomatoes, pears and numerous other vegetable staples. We’d end up making chutney and strudels and pickling and preserving. I almost felt like I was an extra in the good life!
So when Sinead arrived there were five of us for dinner including Fiona too. Sinead I later discovereed plays tennis with one of the three most important women in my company. I may take up tennis so I can casually ask for that pay rise 😉
During the course of the meal [and a few glasses of bubbly later] Bert the resident cat decided to pay me attention. I love cats but unfortunately am very allergic to them. So last night I spent most of the evning wheezing when I should have been sleeping. I must remember to take my antihistamine next time.

I missed Six Feet Under starting on E4 – thank the lord for second chance sunday is all I can say :o)

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