Halloween and Holidays

I’m off to a friends tonight for a combined Halloween and Bonfire party. So I nipped into tesco to get some chestnuts for roasting and some flowers as a thanks for the invite kind of thing then had to walk past Oliver Bonas and noticed some really cute decorations. Now I’ve never gone in for Halloween as a big event – I think it’s all a bit too American. This year though I am just inthe need of a good excuse to party I reckon. It may as well be Halloween.

I also discovered today that I have been amiss with taking holidays this year. I have 19 days left of the 25 I get. So essentially given that I can carry 5 over to next year for a sneaky before Easter break that leaves me with 14 to use before the end of the year. Even taking into account to get two full weeks off over Christmas I only need take a further 6 days that means I still have 8 to take – so a fortnight in the sun I think with sea, sand and a book!

No wonder I have been stressing of late – I need a holiday!

I’d rather pay firefighters

Than politicians. Firefighters confirm strike dates today. Little wonder really is it?
Am I the only person who thinks that politicians who vote themselves pay rises should not make comment on what other people are paid?
While we are on the subject am I the only person who is amazed how little a firefighter is paid? It amazes me that people who manage little pieces of paper in the city earn millions but people who risk their lives at work everyday to help others are paid thousands. Many people say shut up and stop whinging but if everyone did that who would fight our fires? Who would work in our emergency wards? Who would teach our children?
The world is making less and less sense to me as time goes on.