The Bourne Identity Part II

Okay then so I know it’s a little later than I planned but I had one of those weekends.
Friday went to see The Bourne Identitytrailer here
It was really cool – fast paced and entertaining. Enough sly humour to stop me getting bored and enough Matt Damon to keep me very happy 😉
Makes James Bond seem very old and quaint.
Before the film a few of us from workwent for dinner and drinks. John and I ended up at wagamama’s on High St Ken [the others wanted boringly plain food]. We were served by a rather cute guy by the name of Anthony – John greeted him as such and continued to flirt for the rest of the meal. ‘Oh is that an iPaq?’ etc etc.
Straight boys flirting with waiters = wrong
Waiters dissing me in favour of straight boys = very wrong

We wandered back down the High Street to the Princess Victoria which was having a closing down sale – good for us and good for the pub by the looks. Not the sort of bar one would expect to find in Kensington.

So all in all a fun packed Friday night.

Saturday and Sunday were quite quiet by all accounts. A friend from Liverpool came to stay on Saturday and after 3 bottles of tinto the rest of the evening was spent watching Beautiful Thing
I noticed for the first time that both Wendy and Leslie are in the Gloucester scenes. I was always looking for Graham – doh!

Sunday was a bit of a write off – although did manage pizza and a few beers at the Waterfront – nice bar – nice atmosphere – nice boys 😉

Se erm that was my weekend – how was yours?