double booking

oops – It’s not often I make plans in advance for things. Memory of a goldfish prevents me from doing so as I invariably forget what I had planned. So it comes as little suprise that I planned two things this weekend for the same night – of course I discovered this as I planned to book a third item for Saturday night 😉
Friday I’d like to see the Bourne Identity but no one else seems available :o( So looks like I’ll need to wait until next week. Matt Damon can wait I’m sure!


I wonder if I am insured fro the fact my freezer stopped working today? I am in the midst of cooking anything that I can and binning the lovely new ice cream I got yesterday :o(
On the bright side I can now stock it up with nice stuff instead of the emergency rations it had become 😉

Microsoft Outlook 2000 to Microsoft Entourage v.X

Importing was a lot easier than I anticipated actually. Having found little help on the web – without installing new stuff left right and centre – I opted for a go between.
I used Outlook Express 6.0 and imported my Outlook 2000 mail and then used Netscape 7.0 to import my Outlook Express 6.0 Mail. I then used Netscape 7.0 on the Mac to import the PC Mail from Netscape 7.0 and then used Microsoft Entourage to import the Netscape 7.0 mail.
Lost? Nah it was easyish and I’m sure I could have skipped the importing and exporting from Outlook Express too.


I knew there was a reason I hated Microsoft. I used to use my work laptop for mail – Outlook 2000 to be precise. I now use Microsoft Entourage on both my macs, work running OSX and home running Jaguar.
You would think that as they are all Microsoft applications [mail applications at that] this would be easy. Wrong!
I’ve searched and searched and finally came up with MacOPINION : You’ve (Not) Got Mail
So it looks a little complicated then.
The whole “Step 1: Collect the tools you’ll need. This consists of the following: A spare PC or VirtualPC if it’s current and you have a fast Mac with at least 3GB of spare space. A copy of Windows 2000 Server. A copy of Win2K service pack 1 or later. A copy of Exchange 2000. (You can do it with Exchange 2002 as well). Fortunately, I have access to an MSDN Universal Subscription and it includes all of these, but it’s sure not likely any normal user will have them. ” has made me think twice about this – maybe importing mail into another app that Entourage understands…