Disturbingly whilst trying to describe why I have no ambition at work this evening a number of facts fell into place.
I really don’t need anything. I am happy in my job role – not always but generally. I have a supportive team and good working friendships and relationships.
I have my health. Somewhere to live and enough money to treat myself mostly when I want. I have a fantastic groups of friends who like me for who I am and I love them for who they are.
I won’t say I have everything I want , but need an want are very subjectively different.
If I manage to survive the weekend with my health I’ll continue to be happy.
So for now I have no plans to change jobs – nothing glizty or high profile required for me. No long meaningless job title. I want more money – but you know I am greedy by nature. I think to be honest we all are.
Anyways I thought I would set the record straight after arguing in thepub tonight. Although I obviously can;t set the record straight about breasts. Less said about that the better I think.
Oh and

not sure if i should link this but…

My husband and I were playing Jenga afterward. When the Jenga collapsed, I shouted “North Tower.” Then the second round of the game, we shouted, “South Tower.” Now we don’t call it Jenga anymore. We call it North Tower.
Quite possibly the most politically incorrect site around. I will never be able to play Jenga again without thinking of some sicko in the states 🙁
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FOX are offering free DVD’s if you sign up for some spam – I erm mean promotional newsletter. Not a great selection – in fact only 3 titles to choose from but – hey it’s free*. So choose from The Full Monty, Dr. Doolittle or What Lies Beneath and sign your inbox away.

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