Disturbingly whilst trying to describe why I have no ambition at work this evening a number of facts fell into place.
I really don’t need anything. I am happy in my job role – not always but generally. I have a supportive team and good working friendships and relationships.
I have my health. Somewhere to live and enough money to treat myself mostly when I want. I have a fantastic groups of friends who like me for who I am and I love them for who they are.
I won’t say I have everything I want , but need an want are very subjectively different.
If I manage to survive the weekend with my health I’ll continue to be happy.
So for now I have no plans to change jobs – nothing glizty or high profile required for me. No long meaningless job title. I want more money – but you know I am greedy by nature. I think to be honest we all are.
Anyways I thought I would set the record straight after arguing in thepub tonight. Although I obviously can;t set the record straight about breasts. Less said about that the better I think.
Oh and