Spent yesterday with David with various shopping chores including the hideous B&Q [again] and almost IKEA [again] and MAKRO [again] then decided we should really go out – I’d stayed in all weekend up to this point. So after a quick shot of vodka to steel our nerves we ventured to Clapham High Street for some chicken. So Nando’s first and a bottle of their cheapest Tinto. Turned out to be rather nice and washed the chuck down well. Then after consuming half a bottle each we moved onto the sewers. Since we had a taste for it we had a bottle there too – how camp is that eh? pretentious wine bar yes, two brewers no.
Hideously drunk later left earlyish and staggered homeward.
That’s my weekend in a nutshell.
Oh and did I mention I’ll be having someone use a speculum to keep my eyes open whilst they slice open my cornea and laser it in a fortnight? eep!

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  1. cool, be sure to tell us the story when you go and have it done. i’d love to wake up in the morning and not have to faff around putting plastic in me eyes. not that i can yet afford lasers and stuff, but one day…

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