Tested the new eyes in a number of venues including the 2 brewers and Kazbar in Clapham.
It’s weird as I get busted looking at people now – in a way I never used to when I wore glasses. Must be something to do with not having lights reflecting on my glasses or something but, I’m wondering if it’s because people didn’t look at me because I had glasses on or if I just failed to notice.
I’m still having difficulty getting used to the whole no glasses malarkey. Very weird.
Also had dinner out – since I ripped apart the kitchen I’ve been doing that more and more. Spent most of Sunday getting hammered – starting with Sunday Brunch at The Exhibit in Balham with champagne and chilli lemon creme brulee.

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  1. i before e except after c, or in words beginning with w. Has your new eyesight affected your ability to spell 5 letter words? Once – I’d let you off. Twice in the same posting? That ain’t no typo, miss thing!Now, what was that about stupid people…
    [Iain says: okay duly noted and amended]

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