The surgery itself was not as scary as I had convinced myself it would be.
Saturday I went along with Glenn to hold my hand. I’d already been to the The Eye Clinic for my initial consultation a fortnight ago so this was the real deal. The consultation with the surgeon and the operation.
To say I was nervous was an understatement – thankfully though we were distracted by the other people waiting surgery and the rather cute receptionist.
In fact it was all I could do not to drool when I was finalising some of my details.
They took another scan of my eyes – like a topographical map of the peaks and troughs. It looked kind of cool – I’ve asked for a copy so I can scan it in 🙂

After a few coffees and a chat with the surgeon it was time to go through to the laser suite and be kitted out for the operation. I was shaking by this point wondering if this was all a good idea.
Thankfully the staff are obviously used to this and they calmed me right down – joking and taking my mind of the impending operation.
When I went into the theatre I was suprised how many people were involved – people working the laser others working the microkeratome [it’s a can opener basically which creates the corneal flap].
It was all over very very quickly although they assure me I was in there for 20 minutes. It was uncomfortable but certainly not painful. I would rather go through that again than have a filling at the dentist.
I was scared to open my eyes afterwards you know in case anything fell out of my eye – thankfully though it all worked perfectly.
After a sit down to calm my nerves it was in a cab back home. It was all over.

I slept most of the day and night and then headed back with David to the clinic for my initial check up – the result were good – no redness and 20:20 vision in my right eye and better than 20:20 in my left. No irritaion and It felt fantastic to be able to see clearly without aid.
So that’s it all over – another few check ups along the way – the first on friday – just to make sure everything is healing as well as it should and some drops to lkeep my eyes moist for a while.
I am relieved and happy and can’t wait to go on holiday and be able to wear regular sunglasses :o)

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  1. Hey binner, fair play for going thru that. Vicki got it done there some time back and she’s not regretting it one bit since. The second time round is even less of a hassle than the first.

    hope it all works out for you.

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