I watched a film this evening which seemed to touch every emotion in me. Defying Gravity was frustrating, sweet, funny, annoying, cringeworthy, and sexy. I t made me much more horny than any porno film could. The fact that it reminded me so much of when I was coming out was kind of scary.
I remembered vividly on my way home U2, With or without you. It was my theme for 1987 and it was when I had finally accepted I was never going to be like all my other friends.
I knew well before that, that I was different but 1987 was the first time I accepted that although I was different I was also not going to lie and try to be something I wasn’t.
If you haven’t seen defying gravity I recommend it. Although very cheesy, and painful at times, the emotional reminders of your youth whether you are straight or gay will be worth it.
Sexy leads and never quite shown or mentioned love lives left me horny to the point of being frisky. Spence and Glenn had to contend with ‘Frisky Iain’ this evening.

I also admitted to myself this evening why I had been in such a miserable mood these past few weeks and especially today. I had been putting it off but it was inevitable really. I am so doing the escapism thing with films at the moment.

On the gossip front today I discovered that Blogger E had managed to have his wicked way with a certain young secret santa. So that’s a whole new blogabet quiz I reckon!