No I am not talking about the weather here. Although it has been showery here in London and also quite cold considering last week I was wandering around in a tee shirt.
I am actually talking about at home. No not because I am horny. Although after the tube encounter I could hardly be blamed.
No this is the sad and sorry tale of my broken boiler and the inept plumber. Wednesday he came to look at it and then was supposed to come back on thursday – so a couple of days without hot water – I could have coped.
Unfortunately It is now Monday and I still have cold water. He didn’t arrive on Thursday and called to say he would be with me on Sunday but unfortunately he had an emergency job to go to [my cold water is obviously not an emergency] So now he would like me to reschedule for Wednesday – a week later. Grrrr
I need to take a day off work too – which is impossible with my current schedule. Bah.
Anyone know a good reliable plumber in South London? Please?

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  1. i am cheekily curious about this tube encounter. was it a classic “oh my, there’s an incredible delicious man sitting opposite me” happening? i get that a lot. not people thinking that about me.. like.. me looking at.. oh, forget it.

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