i hate being sick

Yesterday I struggled with a sore throat – not very good when your job involves talking all day.
By mid afternoon I was feeling lousy and just wanted to get home to bed.
Unfortunately the train line had been struck by lightning during the freak April showers earlier in the afternoon. So I had to get the tube into town and then the train from Balham. So It took me until 8pm to get home.
Thankfully though after taking Jack out for a quick walk I was snuggled up in bed by 8:30.
Today I ventured out of bed twice – both occasions to walk Jack.
I am now of course wide awake at 1:30 in the morning 🙁 but I’m sure it won’t last and I’ll be back in bed soon.
Just wish I had someone here to nurse me.

Still being awake at this time has meant I could read up on a few goings on in the blog world. Talking of that Mr Pannett has an update from Edinburgh.
I think I forgot to mention earlier that Simon has had a bit of a spring make over and Darryl has too – green seems to be the new black.
Oh and what are google doing with answers?
While we are at it what are abercrombie doing with stereotypes?