Friday Night Dave’s leaving party

Friday Night

Dave‘s leaving party at Retro Bar turned into more of a blogmeet than anything else. Wendy and Leslie had done wonders with the bar and lovely food, even going as far as to include kiwi fruit on the platters 😉 After a few tears, a few tantrums, and discussions about sweet tobacco and iced gems, I was convinced to go to Popstarz to continue the celebrations.
The club was packed but fun and Oliver [flirty straight boy] and Cathy [his girlfriend] kept us amused with their antics. Later after Tom had fallen asleep for what seemed like the tenth time we joined the queue to get our jackets. It seemed to snake around the entire club before eventually arriving at the coat check. Still it gave us time to cruise and be cruised. All this excitement was followed by a cab journey back to south London for pizza and pringles.


After getting up late and missing Simon in the process I had a very lazy but enjoyable Saturday. I also managed to get rid of the futon and fridge that have been in my hall for a year. So I now have space for my bike, and Fabio’s bike, and Elric’s bike…
Although we had intentions of going out or going to see a film we ended up staying in and vegging. I’m not complaining though it was nice quality time.


Got up relatively early as Nige was bringing Jack back to mine. Also we had plans to go and have Sunday lunch with Meg & Paul, Tom and Scally. A change of venue from the Ship in Hammersmith to the Curtains Up in West Ken was probably not good. The food and service left a lot to be desired so it was just as well we were gathered for the company and not the cuisine.
We then ventured into Leicester Square for Ice Cream and a jaunt in HMV. All of which was a pleasant and undemanding way to finish off the weekend.

I think the main thing I’ll miss about the pesky antipodean is the relaxed attitude to everything.

Dermot O’Leary

Dermot is promoting Centrepoint at the moment and recently appeared on AOL Live [AOL Keyword: Live] where he had this to say about underwear…

Question: Do you get sent lots of underwear through the post????
Dermot Live: I’ve never been sent any unless I subscribe to it myself which
has been know to happen. Sometimes I send myself some to make myself feel better.

Interwebnet Scare

According to Internet Alert [from] they can “allow you to see where in the world your attacker is located. ” According the them then over 40% of the web population are based in and around Dulles, VA The location of AOL.
I love the testimonials though, Mari says” I’m so impressed I’m going to put your link on my ‘cool links page’ and maybe get you some business.” – I’m sure they will be pleased to learn they no longer need to advertise then.