Okay so here is the deal. I’m on my way home from lunch in Soho and get the tube from Leicester Square to Balham and we have to stop at Kennington. So everyone gets off and we wait for the next southbound train.
I glance up at the other people waiting and there is a really cute guy looking at me. Well at least I think he is looking at me.
So thinking I really should make some sort of effort to look away he starts smiling and I immediately think I have a bogey hanging from my nose r something. No, he is genuinely smiling at me. Nice. The tube arrives and we get on the same carriage but different doors. He is still looking at me and I am stil looking at him. I’m thinking he is really very cute.
Eventually I muster the courage and decide I should go over and say hi, offer him my number when we pull into Stockwell and he gets off looking back at me.
I am by nature indecisive so debate internally whether I should get off and then say hi. By the time I have had this internal debate however the tube has moved off and the chance has gone. The only thing left would be to put one of those ads in the back of boyz. You know the ones.

‘Saturday 27th April around 6pm. Southbound Northern Line, saw you at Kennington station and we got on the same carriage. Me Camo bottoms, green jacket and baseball cap. You cute with gorgeous brown eyes. You smiled and I was too shy to come and say hi. Contact me on 0780 150 XXXX.’

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