who would have thought a little tiny bundle of fluff could have caused so much havoc? I stayed around at steve’s a couple of weeks ago and met his adorable little kitten [must post that to ickle.org] called stella. Now stella and I got on really well – except she made me wheeze a little – which I gave no thought to at all. So anyways friday night meet steve at the airport and head on back to his – I am there for approx 5 minutes before I start to wheeze and cough – so after a little cajoling I take an ani-histamine in case I am allergic to the little bundle of fluff and all was well. Went to meet the outlaws in east london and then jacs in hacney and then back to Steves flat for the night – we ordered chinese and stuff and as the doorbell went to announce said food [completely inappropriate timing too] I start coughing again – in fact not only do I start wheezing but thought i was going to die on the floor of a flat in finchley. So we made a hasty retreat to mine in St Reatham where I managed to breathe normally again. Steve was a complete star and was patient and stuff. Unfortunately though it seems to have left a lasting impression on my lungs – which feel like they have been to hell and back. Still it mean I have quit smoking again – not that I had much choice really – I couldn’t breathe as it is without adding smoke and stuff into the mix.
I hate being sick too – not a good patient 🙁 so thanks are due to boyfs with the patience of a saint today I think