being at home has it’s

being at home has it’s advantages – you can change the temperature and snuggle under your duvet without anyone giving you funny glances. More importantly though you can watch drivel on TV – imagine my suprise whilst watching the channel 5 news bulletin when a story about aerobic striptease came on. Yes it is an american idea. No I don’t think it is meant for people out of shape. All the people in the report were already under 70 kilos and trim and toned – so why do they feel the need to take their clothes off in the middle of a gym class? Why not I guess. I know I said I wouldn’t join a gym but if Streatham Leisure Centre starts offering classes I may go along – just for research you understand.

I think as I have

I think as I have been watching the news unfold that today is going to be one of those days where you are going to ba able to pinpoint where and when you heard the news. Both the towers of the WTC have now collapsed and as such the NY skyline has changed forever. I am concerned that this may just be the beginning in attacks and counter attacks. I can honestly say no news story has scared me as much [with the possible exception of the bomb at the Admiral Duncan] and I want to live outside a city.

how awful – I was

how awful – I was just watching the news and all hell has broken loose – what is the world coming to? The Pentagon, WTC and thousands of innocent people. What is going on? fuck. I am watching from home on Sky news and CNN and BBC and all of them look the same – awful pictures of burning buildings that for all the world look like a film but you know it’s real.