the not so secret lives of them

anyone who has been watching Channel 4‘s series ‘The Secret Lives of Us‘ will not have been suprised to see 2 men kissing last night. I was suprised to hear Richie admit to his presumably now ex-girlfriend Miranda that he enjoyed it more with men and had had ‘full sex’ not just a ‘head job’. Go boy go!

A flurry of sms’s during and after the show confirmed I was not the only one happy at this outcome – Yay! He likes boys more than he likes girls … woo!

cough splutter

okay so I dragged myself back to the doctors this morning as my chest really hadn’t improved since my infsction a few weeks ago and I now have a new set of antibiotics. I had a choice in fact [kid in a candy store comes to mind] I could have scary sounding ones 4 a day which might make me ill over the weekend whilst in Amsterdam or I could have the other similar ones twice a day without feeling ill. So I am on the 4 a day NOT!

I also have to admit that on saturday night I was gobsmacked that Jonathan had invited his GP to the party. Today after seeing Dr Foster again I think I might invite him to my 40th, he was really sweet asked about Steve and stuff. So yeah might see if I bump into him around town