anyone who has been watching Channel 4‘s series ‘The Secret Lives of Us‘ will not have been suprised to see 2 men kissing last night. I was suprised to hear Richie admit to his presumably now ex-girlfriend Miranda that he enjoyed it more with men and had had ‘full sex’ not just a ‘head job’. Go boy go!

A flurry of sms’s during and after the show confirmed I was not the only one happy at this outcome – Yay! He likes boys more than he likes girls … woo!

2 Replies to “the not so secret lives of them”

  1. Doh!!! I didn’t watch it yesterday night because I’m going to miss the rest of the series anyway –and it’s unlikely it will be on French tv :-(…

    Who was Richie kissing?

  2. Richie comes home covered with love bites, confirming Miranda?s worst fears that he’s got together with Brad. brad is the guy that he has been going to the gym with who is so camp it defies belief 🙂

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