So since I said no updates for a while consider this an e-postcard.
okay so yestreday I went down to Orchard Road with Linda which was cool – bought some sunglasses because it is really sunny [doh!] but since I was wearing my contacts I realised I could actually wear shades.
wandered around and got cruised – imagine that – by some young singaporean bloke who was very confused when five minutes later I was wandering around with a baby in a stroller. The baby is my neice by the way nothing to do with me just in case you thought otherwise. I have still never ventured there…she is adorable though.
So then Alec came and picked us up and we grabbed a bite to eat at boat quay [which reminds me of Richmond by the river in the summer] and then I went to bed early since I had been travelling since the morning before my time.

This morning we went for breakfast at ‘coffee bean’ which is kind of like costa or something but they do a lovely breakfast – four brekkies cost me $16 which is like #7 – erm anyone know the ascii for the pound symbol?
went to china town and then up mount faber which is so nice I am going to visit again with a camera – yes I know i should really consider a camera as essential tourist gear but I forgot I was a tourist…
so freebie aol chuck away camera in hand I will be going in the cable car to take some pics.
Also Nazir has decided we should go to the night safari which looks fantastic so am more than up for that. Also wouldn’t mind visiting the Singapore Discovery Centre see what is happening. So I will be venturing on the MRT and taking in the scenery as I am here until Friday morning.
oh and did I mention that the weather is fantastic and we are like 1 and a half degrees away from the equator – ooh I love it.
went to the mall earlier too and bought some nice noisy toys for Nadine – she may only be 3 months but since I am a far away Uncle I figured I better buy a few toys while I’m here. Also bought a cuddle me Elmo – he is so sweet but about as tall as she is. I’m sure Alec and linda will never forgive me for the noisy toys – they are interactive learning though not just noisy for the sake of it.
I’m also wondering if Elric has managed to cook and eat? I left him some spag bol sauce I had done thursday night but since then…. you never know.
Also wondering is Spence has noticed I’m not around. only time will tell eh?