oops – just noticed i

oops – just noticed i managed to post to my bookmarks list 🙁
so here is the post from last night :
You know every now and then i remember why I hate poloticians. It doesn;t really matter what party they claim to be with they are all power hungry individuals who work for themselves. I was just reading that Francis Maude says that “a gay leader for tory party is possible and remembered that anything is possible. What he means by this is that it is extremely unlikely that anyone who is openly gay will ever reach a position of power in the tory party let alone become the leader. However if we actually say that we may ostracise the gay voters out there so lets pretend to be gay friendly and just say it is possible. As for the readers of the telegraph who feel a gay prime minister would be ruled by his/her sexual proclivities do you think it would be rude to point out that a straight prime minister [and for that matter members of parliament] are also ruled by their sexual proclavities and that is why it took so long to pass a bill for an equal age of consent…