I am mostly doing nothing

I am mostly doing nothing today – birthdays and holidays make for idle fingers – and have been setting up my profile on outintheuk which is a really well put together site and a fantastic concept. makes such a change from all the commercial sites with banner ads out there. The one thing that has been annoying me about rainbownetwork recently is the really annoying pop-ups on every other page – including when you hit back – come on guys use cookies for gods sake. 😉
oh and just found out my aunt has lef my uncle – im’s are wonderful for communication dontcha think?
ooh and did i mention it is only like 5 more sleeps before i go on holiday and 1 more night of zeds before paris? I am getting very excited!

okay so now I am

okay so now I am feeling really guilty. I will be the first to admit I am not very good with dates [slightly better than my ex-boyfriends dad, he celebrated his birthday on the wrong day for years until Nige’s mum got a copy of his birth certificate] so the fact that almost all of my friends have mailed, sms’d or im’d me today. Even those nice folks at gaydar remembered and sent me a little mail too;
Hi world

According to our records it is your birthday. We hope that you have a
excellent day.

We thank you once again for choosing gaydar.

Best wishes from gaydar