still in sunny hot singapore

still in sunny hot singapore
hey well this having fun thing is turning out to be quite tiring lol.
okay so sunday I managed to fit in Changi Point – a lovely stretch of beach which wasn’t that busy actually – after of course another coffee bean breakfast – too much of a good thing [never]. also managed to go and do some shopping with Alec and Linda and erm ended up at Ikea. Yeah I know. Ikea in Singapore well it wasn’t actually that bad but hey makes you realise just how global marketing works. The main difference here is that Ikea is not on an industrial estate miles from anywhere and it also has a burger king and other stores in the same building. A concept hard to grasp when you have seen Ikea in action in the UK.
Today [monday] Alec phoned in sick [well actually he was kind of ill] and he and linda went to the doctors whilst i caught up on my plans for the week and watched a travel programme about sydney. They came back with enough pills and potions that I thought they may be seriously ill. They like their pills out here – which is strange for a country that kills drug traffickers.
Discovered also today that had I brought in the gum I had in my bag and the book on my bedside table I would have broken two laws here. One is no gum – possessing it is fine chewing or importing are a big no no. And the book on my bedside cabinet – philosophy of the boudoir [marquis de sade] is banned here so importing it is illegal too. Good job I opted for memoirs of a geisha instead! which is excellent by the way – highly recommend it – haven’t been able to put it down much.
this morning we went to a food court and had some more lovely food. I could seriously move out here – food and heat lovely.
Also went to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve to walk in the rainforest. Singapore is one of two cities in the world enclosing a rainforest – Rio de Janiero being the other. So I thought I better take advantage of it whilst I was here.
Also went and bought some tourist tat – not too much but I promised to bring sprogg something home. Ooh and had more lovely food too and a luck cup drink thing with wierd little black balls of goo at the bottom – not v. impressed but hey possibly that is because I nearly choked when they hit the back of my throat whilst i was sucking hard on my straw.
So gonna go try calling Naz now and see if we can arrange to meet and sort out the night safari – go look at the site [linked last post] it looks fantastic.