In the states last year with Mark my boss we stopped in the Apple Store in Tysons Corner and oohed and ahhed over the JBL Creature Speakers. Unfortunately I had no luggage space left or I would have bought them there and then.
Friday evening we chatted about them again and I wanted a pair for my iPod so I can listen to music in the soon to be newly refurbished kitchen.
So Apple only had them in silver and I wanted white. It has to match the iPod after all and silver is so last year.
We both ordered them from as they seemed to be the only other UK stockist. Only to discover today that Apple now sell the white ones for less and no delivery charge.
I phoned Jigsaw24 and they have processed my order (to be delivered tomorrow woo hoo) but not Mark’s. So he is off to order his for less from Apple.
So I am gutted at the extra ?10. It may not be a lot but it’s the principle of the thing. The internet is supposed to make buying things easier and cheaper 🙂