Australia Day Festivities

Saturday Night I went to a friends house in Balham for a party. It was a very antipodean affair aimed at celebrating Australia Day.
It took me back to the heady days of student parties. Lots of empty beer cans and plastic glasses littering every available flat surface. Vodka Jelly welcome wagons and lots and lots of drunken people.
I arrived with another antipodean friend from Melbourne who is going out home next week. He’ll be meeting up with me in Sydney for Mardi Gras and then I’ll be travelling to Melbourne to see him for a few days.
I figure I should see a bit more of Oz this time around.
They had hired a DJ at this party too – very swish affair it was 😉 Well actually Dave the DJ came as part of a package – his girlfriend was one of the party people! I’ve decided I like Dave though – he was using an iBook and iTunes mixing with CD’s and other cool stuff. He brought his own lighting and crab laser. So I may be asking him to come to mine in a fortnight – he can hook my cube up with his iBook and have lots of fun 😉