As Dave says it is sad when you resort to buying sweets off the interwebnet. But needs must. CyberCandy has an excellent (albeit rather pricey) range of sweets/lollies/candies from around the world. So now I can buy me some Twizzlers and some Jaffa’s and Choccy Fish ooh and York Peppermint Patties all in one go :o)
Shame they don’t do Lemon & Paeroa too!


I went out for lunch today with Dave and we ended up at the greasy spoon around the corner. Nice food and cheap as chips as Jamie Oliver would say.
The other advantage was the guy from the train came down and sat by us too.
It reminded me of the whole obsession incident last year and how it’s weird but having not seen him for a few months I had forgotten all about him.
It entertained Dave anyways as he tried to attract my attention as it wandered through the meal.
On the way back from the aforementioned cafe we walked past the other guy from the train who I would like to know which team he bats for, if you catch my drift.
So all in all an entertaining lunch hour. I’m glad I ventured out of the office if only for the spring like sunshine 🙂

Keith Webb

The body of a man has been found bound and gagged in his south-west London home only months after he evicted people who had apparently invaded his house.
Keith Webb, a 57-year-old engineer, was found by members of his family in the house in Ellison Road, Streatham.
He had called anti-drugs officers last year over concerns about the activities of the people using his home.
This is kind of scary as I live where the red arrow is and his house is inbetween Greyhound Lane and Kempshott Road. I’ve been walking Jack past that house now for nearly 4 years.
It’s amazing to think what is going on behind other peoples doors.
It explains the large police presence though I guess from the other day.

All tied up

I spent most of the day lying on the floor being tied up. Yes it was the third of my four days of British Red Cross first aid training. Next week is the exam. There are 22 of us in the group and I think today we all gelled a lot more – we had more role playing to do and I think we all felt a lot more confident.
I was just glad they didn’t give us fish again for lunch 🙂
The police are still outside the house in the road to the side of my flat. Now they have a crime scene evidence van too. I’m tempted to go and take some pictures but wonder if the police might object.
Watched 10am-12pm of 24 series 1 on BBC Choice. Andrew came round to help me finish last nights Indian takeaway and then the plan was to go to the 2 brewers. He fell asleep so I watched TV and pottered around.


I’m now eating less and less meat. Today news from the BBC that meat in the UK is unfit for human consumption has made me think of just not eating meat again.
I used to be vegetarian, I have lots of meat alternatives and it seems to be a lot healthier. In fact I’ve not eaten meat since the end of December so maybe I already have made the choice and not realised it fully.


On Wednesday morning I walked Jack as usual before heading off to the train station and whilst walking down Ellison Road in Streatham I spotted a few police vans, assorted cars and numerous policemen and women. Well I say spotted. What I mean is couldn’t miss. They had also blocked off a number of houses and cars with crime scene tape.
That evening there are still a number of them including a crime scene investigation unit. I’m thinking something bad must have happened.