Is the magic number…
No more no less. Well actually that is the number of text messages stored on my phone. They date back to last year when I first got it. As I forget to erase them after replying. So it is taking me about 20 seconds to open the inbox now. Time for a spring clean methinks!
I was tempted to copy some of here. You know as some of them are really weird out of context. To be onest though I need some sleep and to walk Jack and then only one more day of work…


Weird to think how some acronyms just become accepted. HMV, BT, DSL, AOL etc…
Weirder still to think that some people never knew what the acronym stood for in the first place.
Chris and his friends have had a debate about HMV and had decided it must stand for ‘Her Majesty’s Vinyl’. I nearly choked!

24 CTU ringtone

Geeky I know but the ring tone for the phones at CTU is quite unique. mitbiz.de has it posted in Nokia composer format – I just need someone to send it on to my phone now since I don’t have composer 😉

Credit Card Fraud

Is anyone else concerned that credit card companies have simply kept quiet about millions of card numbers being hacked

Sweet as Nectar?

See I always said that I’d prefer one loyalty card for all shops. Unfortunately that defeats the object of a loyalty card! Vodafone meanwhile has jumped on the Nectar band waggon. Which I guess means Orange won’t 😉