Two more sleeps :o)

Watched 24 part two last night. I’d taped it from BBC3 on Sunday night as I was not going to stay up late after watching the first episode on BBC2. It was excellent – easliy as good as the first series (and that’s unusual for a second series I find).
I packed last night too – lots of sun cream as I checked the weather reports for Sydney and it looks like it will be sunny and 25 degrees the entire time I am down under 🙂
I’m very excited now. I need to get some Cadbury’s Dairy Milk for friends and some Heinz Tomato Soup for some weird reason.
So I leave early (and I do mean early) on Thursday morning and arrive Friday evening – I’m hoping the flight is not too bad.
I’m leaving the flat in the capable hands of the invisible flatmate. I told him to have a party whilst I was gone but he isn’t that kind of boy!
So only two more sleeps!

Did I mention I was going to Sydney for 3 weeks?