I’m moping as I actually want to be in a hotel room in Seville right now.

Big Brother 3 is keeping me suitably distracted however.
My boss says I become a Big Brother Addict when it is on. It’s not true – well okay maybe a little. I can’t help it if it’s on E4 all the time πŸ™‚

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  1. !!!!!! look at me. it’s 2:30am and i am watching the live feed on e4. oh, i am in love.

    my favourites are:
    – .. asian woman with name like sarinda (or whatever it is.)
    – alison (despite fatness, good sense of humour.)
    – alex (because he is GORGEOUS. am sure he is not straight.)

    and.. well, that really irritating common girl. there is something about her. can’t help but laugh and think, aw, what a loser. when she said “wos sparigiss?” (“what’s asparagus?”)

    i am in love.

  2. I like Spencer personally. Something about the boy next door look πŸ™‚
    E4 has different camera angles which is cool. I am so an addict I turned it on when I woke up this morning – it’s like I have 12 new flatmates *grin* shame one of them isn’t Dermot!

  3. awf. left tv on! slept to the sound of housemates and woke up to them. it’s like watching them being born and seeing them evolve. they are, effectively, my children.

    but i’m not addicted.

    and mmm, dermot.

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