Oh did I mention I was really excited about the start of the new Big Brother series? Dermot O’Leary on Big Brother’s Little Brother on Friday night is gonna be the highlight of my weekend!
Well okay maybe not – I’m going to see Kylie on Sunday night and hopefully to Seville for a portion of Friday night, Saturday and Sunday morning…

4 Replies to “Big Brother 3”

  1. oh, you utter slag! kylie!! sigh. wish i could go.

    and i’m looking forward to big brother, too. my friend and i always decide who we think we will stick with throughout the series on first impressions. oh, it’s such an event! i wonder what new rules they’ll have, etc.. or whether it’ll just be complete shite.

    who knows. and yes, i am a loser.

  2. I really wish I could see Kylie live, but she never comes to Toronto! Not that I know of anyhow.

    Cool site BTW. Much fun reading.

    Cheers from Toronto Canada!

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