If there had been ticket touts at Clapham Junction yesterday and today they would have made a fortune. I have never seen so many ticket inspectors in one place at a time in my life. I thought it was a convention at first. They were stopping everyone and cheking tickets on the way from the platforms and then again on the way to the platforms. This left a number of people on the walkway over the station queueing to buy a ticket at makeshift ticket offices.
I cannot believe so many people travel without a ticket. I always thought it was propaganda by the rail companies when they said they lost millions a week in revenue from fare dodgers. Now I can well believe it.
There was even an inspector on our service from Clapham to Olympia just in case you had managed to evade them at the station.
Pat and I decided they must be on some sort of commision they were that zealous. No basic salary but they get to keep half the fines they take or something.