Whilst at Spence‘s Birthday party Mark and I chatted about the process of dating.
It occurred to us that normally when you meet someone you are shy and nervous in a bar situation so you drink. By the time you are sure you can go back to yours [or theirs] you have drunk enough that you probably are not gonna be able to do much.
Hardly a good indicator of how you would normally perform, or a good advert for a second meet up.

I was also wondering why it is you never get a decent nights sleep when you share a bed with someone and you are trying to be on your best behaviour.
Last night though I couldn’t sleep as I am now used to sleeping anyway I like in the bed – I have gotten very used to having my bed all to myself recently and enjoy it too! Also possibly because I shared a bed with a friend who is like a human hot water bottle and produces more heat than is quite possibly healthy for one person.
Oh and also white bedding and muddy Jack Russells are not a good combination.

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