When I worked for Danny La Rue I worked with a number of other Iain’s and we had a couple of regulars also caled Iain so it was a pretty confusing place. In order to make it less complicated for our colleagues and friends we adopted a number of nicknames – some of which have stuck into later life and some which were dropped fairly quickly.
The chef became scottish Iain, Ian who worked accross the street in Foyles became Ian Foyles and I became Iain Scouse. Ian who I lived with remained just Ian – not sure how he managed that but he did.
We worked with a guy from LA called Stevie and before he moved back permenantly to the US we took him up to Liverpool to see some of the North.
As we were pulling into my parents driveway he got all flustereed and turned to James, Ian and I and said “so what do I call your parents then, Mr and Mrs Scouse?”
He was genuinely suprised when we told him Scouse was a nickname.
As you can imagine we didn’t hold it together very well and laughter ensued at every reference to scouse from then on 😉